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Conversational Malayalam Course for Adults

Course Overview

This is a conversational course for beginners. It starts with a history of Malayalam Language and its use. Classes will be conducted in English and texts are written in English characters to assist in the verbal pronunciation of Malayalam words. While focusing on listening and speaking skills in daily use, this course also deals with basic grammer.

Key Takeaways
  • At the end of the course, participant should be able to interact through simple verbal communication is Malayalam.

Who should attend

  • Anybody wish to speak malayalam


  • Sinda HQ, 1 Beatty Road, Singapore 209943

Date and Time

  • Wednesdays 7PM to 9PM (12 Sessions)

Course Fees

Upcoming Classes

New batch will be starting from February 21st


Shaji (HP: 91543071), Jayachandran (HP: 98565542)


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