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This two-page article in today’s THE NEW PAPER (Pages 29 & 31) hits the nail on the head to every school-leaving teenager: Follow your dreams as you pursue your career.

The tale of Navin Nambiar is extraordinary as he tearfully recounts what his Malayalee dad and mum told him:

“I remember my parents (Balachandran and Balamani Nambiar) telling me: ‘You will always have a roof over your head and food when you come home. What is there to fear? If you fail, you will always have us.’

“These words seriously ring in my head even today, whenever I hit a stumbling block. What is there to lose? This pushed me to take the necessary risks to get the company (X-League Singapore) to where it is today.”

Daringly, the 32-year-old Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communications) graduate from Oklahoma City University reinvented his career. He is now managing director of X-League (Singapore), which runs customised social football leagues and football events, for children and adults of both sexes.


Article reproduced with kind permission of The New Paper